Monday, August 1, 2005

AUGUST 1 2005
Tifton, Georgia.
Music: Queer As Folk Mix CD

We got up this morning to go take pictures of the Suwannee River around sunrise. It was gorgeous! Did you know that Suwannee means “dark/muddy water” in Native American? Sitting on a swinging bench, staring out at this lazy river, one can’t help but feel Southern. The trees stretch up towards the sky while the haning moss droops low, as if it has given up the fight. Everything is lush, green and new, but this land feels ancient. You can almost imagine the old steamboats and hear the sawmill that stands in ruins nearby.

On an apartment note, they called at 8:30 this morning to say that we had “trashed the place” and left so much stuff at the dumpster that they’re going to charge us to have it hauled away. Liz called them to let them know that we’re not the only people moving out, there were at least 3 other apartments leaving, and the whole conversation descended into a shouting/swearing match.Yes, a full blown shouting match on a cell phone in the parking lot of the Georgia Visitors Center. And if you know Liz, nothing gets a rise out of her.The apartment is just being horrible and is trying to charge us fore everything they can. My parents are going to try to deal with it, so we don’t have to while we’re on the road. OK, enough of that.

We just saw the World’s Largest Peanut Statue. (Does that mean there is more than one? Is this a common theme?) Don’t worry, we took pics, cause I know people are going to think I’m lying. And we stopped at this quaint little family-run fruit and veggie stand where we got some tomatoes and peaches. (‘cause, hello, GEORGIA!) The vender was very nice and so southern. He had his kids there too.Now we are on our way to Kennesaw National Battlefield Monument.


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