Monday, August 15, 2005

Ft. Sumner

AUGUST 15, 2005
Sumner Lake State Park
Fort Sumner, NM

I’m writing by moonlight on the edge of Sumner Lake in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

This morning we went to White Sands, and I’m really glad we took yesterday off and waited until today because the weather was perfect. Sunny, clear, and cool. Only 72 degrees. We found a great little picnic area and had lunch, and then I went out and played on the dunes.


The dunes seem to go on forever and ever, and really they are 275 square miles so they sort of do. Afterwards, we drove on the scenic tour , and Liz had WAY too much fun driving through the puddles left by yesterdays rainfall. (“Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!”) I tried to shoot video, but wound up laughing through most of it. Oh well, we were having a good time!

Nothing wrong with that.

Next stop, Rosewell. Which is one alien-crazy town. Even the light posts are painted with Alien eyes. So cute, I have pictures. We toured the UFO Museum and Research center, which was amazing. I don’t know what I believe or what I don’t when it comes to the Roswell incident. I think it’s pretty clear that the government said they had a “flying saucer” and changed their mind when people panicked though.

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