Friday, August 5, 2005

Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park

So, we had an intruder last night.

At some point, I sat up and swore there was someone outside. Liz said she didn’t hear anything, and neither one of us could see anything so we let it go and went to sleep.

This morning, I got up and noticed that the candle and towel we’d left on the table were muddy. And then I saw the trapdoor to our cooler across the table. And was streaked with mud.

And then I noticed that mud looked an awful lot like paw prints.


Normally we leave the cooler outside because it’s pretty heavy + secure, and there’s not much in it besides water, ice, and occasionally beer. But last night it got dark really quickly so we cleaned up really fast. And we threw some snacks in through the trapdoor. Which I guess brought our “friend” in.

All in all, he didn’t get much.

But damn, I was really craving those pumpkin seeds.

Stupid Raccoon!On another note, we’re dirty and stinky, and the showers here leave a lot to be desired, so we’re leaving for New Orleans and our next campsite ASAP. In the tent last night:“What’s that smell?”*sniff sniff. Gasp* I think it’s us!!


AUGUST 4, 2005
I-65 South (Alabama)Mile Marker 65ish

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