Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Red Top Mountain, GA

AUGUST 3 2005
Red Top Mountain State Park
Red Top, GAT

his morning got off to a rocky start. I went up to the shower house and there were three teenage girls primping at the sinks. Y’know the type of girls who make you ashamed you were ever a teenage girl? Anyway, I do my thing and come out to use the sink…and they don’t move. Three girls and two sinks, and they can’t stop putting on makeup long enough to let me use one. (And who wears a full face of makeup while camping anyway???) I do the clear-my-throat-and-gesture-to-the-sink thing, and one of the girls turns around, tosses her hair at me, and continues gossiping with her girls.

Now, I’m usually not one to back down from what I know is my right, but cut me some slack, I didn’t have my contacts in. And if I’m in an argument with three bitches, I want to see all sides, alright?

So I pull open the door and one girl steps backwards. I catch the door with my hand before it hits her, but I let it get close enough to worry her, and she gasps. As I walk out, I hear them behind me.“Did you SEE that!?”“Like, ohmigod!”Whatever.Peace.

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