Wednesday, August 10, 2005


AUGUST 10, 2005

Well, today sucked so royally that I’m only going to allow myself two journal pages to bitch about it because, well, I don’t want it to ruin the rest of the week.

Wake up to a rainstorm, which meant that we couldn’t pack up the campsite. Turns out Liz left her shoes outside too, and now they’re wrecked.We got on the road and bounced phone calls with my uncle, trying to get directions.

We headed North of Dallas, where Liz gets a hold of my uncle (she talked so I could drive). Turns out, they’re negotiating the purchase of a new home and have a meeting. No problem, we arranged to meet them for and early dinner.

They didn’t offer to let us stay there which was somewhat of a disappointment. We got lost on the way (vague, confusing directions!). And got there around 3.

My aunt bless her, is a sweet woman and she said that my uncle would be home at 5. Now, I’ve only met my aunt once before, and briefly at that, but we had a nice visit with her.5 rolls around… no uncle.

6 rolls around… no uncle. About 6:30 he shows up, says they have a meeting at 7:30, so maybe we “should go see my other uncle?” (He doesn’t even know I’m in Texas! I’m not about to pop up on his doorstep!)

He says he doesn’t eat dinner, so that’s out. Liz and I, (me being angry and just wanting to leave) tell him we’re hungry and are going to eat. He can call us when they’re ready.

So we go and treat ourselves to a very nice dinner at OG and decide we’ve had enough. We drove about 75 miles out of the way to see my uncle for 3 minutes? Whatever.

We checked ourselves into a damn nice hotel.

We’re getting the hell out of TX tomorrow.


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