Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm late with writing this, I know. But last week, I truly had the best night ever.

My cousin came home from Iraq, and his boys and I went out to this...well, frankly, it was the worst bar I've been to in ages, but that's besides the point.

He's only a couple of years older than I am, and we've never really been close. I hadn't seen him for almost a year before he was flown out. In the meantime, he's gotten married and has a stepson, and I went away to college. We never talked, but something changed that night.
For the first time, I feel like I really connected with him, and he's not just my cousin, but a good friend. We talked about our families, and Iraq, and the insanity of our mothers :-), and the media, and everything in between. We all spent the evening drinking, talking, and goofing off... I heard more Iraq stories than I wanted...and there's really nothing as amusing as a bunch of soldiers trying to ride a mechanical bull. Afterwards, I took them back to the base and said goodbye.

And then I let out the deep breath I'd been holding ever since he was deployed.

Funny how life changes, and in turn changes you.
I won't say your name, but if you're reading this...

Welcome Home. I love you. And I can't wait to meet your new family.

Please, let's not lose touch again. Alright?

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