Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zumba Zumba!

Back from Zumba, and I just have a quick bit of yay-me news to report!

Remember that combination I said was giving me fits last week? We did that dance again tonight and I actually got a whole section of it and didn't feel like a big idiot! YAY ME!!!

So, had a blast at Zumba again. This week has been crazy. I didn't go Monday because I was camping, and I didn't go Wednesday because I'd gotten some upsetting news that day and just didn't feel like doing anything after work. So, tonight, E and I decided to trek to the next town up the hill to take class AND AND AND! My friend S. agreed to go with us! Whoot!

Class was so much fun tonight! It felt a little bit easier to both myself and E. Maybe it was because we were on the right side of class (where all the other beginners were, lol), or maybe because it was because we'd seen some of the combinations before. I'm not sure why, but class seemed to go more quickly tonight and I didn't feel quite so lost. :-) I'm sure I still LOOKED lost, know...I didn't FEEL it. That's...progress, right?

I also pulled out my dance shoes, having read online that normal aerobics shoes can actually keep your feet from twisting and spinning like you need to in Zumba. I think it made a difference, too. I'm going to look into getting a new pair, I think, since I could definitely feel a difference in how my feet were moving.

Also bought my ticket for Party In Pink, the Zumba Event for Susan G Komen. Who's coming with me, ladies!? Find me and I'll give you all the details!

Okay, enough blogging. It's time to go figure out what's for dinner. It's another night of "let's see what magic we can make of the leftovers in the cupboard", whoot!

Oh! And S. is now a Zumba convert and will be coming back to class regularly! YAY!

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