Monday, November 29, 2010

Still not sure where to file this one...

Customer: Yeah, I need you to send me a catalog. You’re out of this 8 in 1 power converter and I need to know when it comes back in.

Me: No problem. Do you happen to know the item number? I can check and see if we know when the next shipment will be coming in. 

Customer: It’s 987654. 

Me: (types it in, thinking that’s too high to be our item number) 987654?

Customer: Yes. You’re out of stock. 

Me: (sure enough, the number isn’t recognized) Where did you get this number? A catalog? Are you on our website right now? 

Customer: Yes! It’s right here on the internet!!

Me: I’m sorry, that’s not one of our item numbers. Let me read it back. 987654? (scrambling around madly trying to find any listing for an 8 in 1 power converter. I try 8 in 1, no dice. Converter, nothing. Power, nada. I’m at a loss.)

Customer: Yes, the 8 in 1 power converter, it’s right here on the internet!

Me: Can you look up at the top of the page and tell me if it says MyCompany?

Customer: Yes! (at this point, I hear him shout in the background) Honey, what website is this? (muffled response) Well, SHEEE says it’s NOT! (back into the phone) Here, talk to my wife. She’s not going to be happy about this. (“You’re in for it now” chuckle)

Wife: Hello?

Me: Hi, ma’am. I’m trying to locate the item your husband is looking for. I just want to see if I can tell him when he might expect it to be back in stock. I wondered if you could read me the item number you see and just confirm that it’s at 

Wife: (exasperated) Yes! It’s right here! 987654!

Me: Thank you, that’s not our item number. At the top of the page, is it

Wife: Of course it is!,  and it’s 987654

Me: Ma’am, did you just say

Wife: Yes! And it’s 987654!

Me: Ma’am, this is…

Wife: (genuine surprise) Oh! Well, I guess that explains it then! Good bye! (hangs up)

Me: ….


  1. WOW.... Just wow... this post really just goes to show, some people shouldn't do online shopping LOL.

  2. Yeeep.... Happy Holidays


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