Thursday, January 20, 2011

Procrastination is the name of the game...

Today is my day off. Well, one of two days off. I know, weird, right? Mid-week weekend? Ah, schedulers. Oh well, I'm not going to complain! (until paycheck time gets here, but that's another story.)

This is the list of things that I really should get done today:
  1. The dishes. They're stacking up, friends. I don't have that many to start with, and it's to the point where I'm washing just enough to make the next meal, but haven't made it through the rest of the sink yet. 
  2. Laundry. I had to wade through a sea of fabric to crawl into bed. I think it's time. 
  3. Vacuum. The curse of having two cats and a dog; fur is EVERYWHERE. Topping it off, I have cream-ish colored carpets...which swiftly become gray-ish with all of the animal fur that gets left behind. I could vacuum every day and STILL not keep caught up. 
This is the list of things that I will probably actually get done today:
  1. Write a blog. Oh, hey, look! Check one off the list already!
  2. Recipe hunt. Tomorrow is payday, which is also known as 'grocery shopping day'. Since going vegan, I've been a lot better about planning my shopping trips, but I have ALSO been collecting vegan recipes like a mad woman. There are just so many out there, and I lovelovelove to cook! This week, I learned how to make a kickass vegan white pizza. This weekend I am making vegan portobello ravioli from scratch.
  3. Surf the internet for pointless tidbits of information. Come on, you know you do it, too. Who can resist reading about the restaurant in Arizona which will be serving lion tacos, the 4-pound chihuahua that was attacked by an owl (circle of life, people),  or the 100-year-old bottles of scotch that was found in the Antarctic (what does a girl have to do to get a glass of THAT?)
  4. Continue my Grey's Anatomy marathon. Kitten, from Inside a Chaotic Mind and I are having a cross-country Netflix marathon of GA, because we LOVE the show, and it gives us a great excuse to do something together, even when we can't be in the same state. 
In short, I have the best intentions of getting the house clean and things in order. But, I'll probably wind up procrastinating the day away. Maybe I'll take a cue from Tame and have some W(h)ine Time later.

What's on YOUR agenda, and how will you procrastinate your way out of it?


  1. Ugh, the never-ending Mount Kilamanjaro (sp? ) of laundry. It's BAD at my house right now. I got behind when the baby was sick and haven't been able to catch up. Luckily, I"m staying on top of the dishes, but I have a dishwasher so it's easier. Otherwise, my counters would also be littered with nasty dishes.

    My whole house needs a good deep cleaning, which I'm working on but with my work schedule, I'm not able to get much done each day. And by the weekend, I'm zonked. And I'm sick right now, so that doesn't help either.

    Hooray for procrastination! If it was an olympic sport, I'd be a medalist.

  2. i plan on cleaning this weekend. our house smelled... cluttered... earlier this week. hard to explain, but that means it's a clean-everything-including-the-baseboards type of weekend. ugh.

  3. I'm facing the same mess at home...dishes, laundry, etc. but unlike the good gal you are, I'm probably going to skip all that and enjoy Grey's Anatomy. I just started rewatching season five last night and think I could curl up with an episode (or four) of them again tonight. Housework will just have to wait...or be done by someone else!

  4. I think LeLe's onto something. I hereby declare the Procrastination Games open! Now, we need a torch...a flaming pile of laundry, perhaps...but that means that someone has to go up there and put it all together and light it...hmm....well...we can pretend.

    Erin - I'm glad that you have the energy to clean your baseboards, because, um, confession time? I haven't cleaned my baseboards since I moved in. Yeah. I know.

    Hannah - Ah, another Grey's Anatomy addict, yay! We started our marathon back at the beginning and are making our way forward. They're all finally on netflix instant, whoot. Forget housework. Pour yourself a drink and curl up with McSteamy, McDreamy, and McVet. :D

  5. I too love GA! And, isn't there the restaurant just off of the 410 that serves Lion Burgers? It's like International something something... Anyway! Have fun with your marathon!

  6. Metalhead J - No, that place went out of business last year. It's currently for lease again. It's got an amazing view, but I think the access kills it. Anyone coming from BL has to go all the way down to the bottom of 410, and back up to get in there. For everyone else, they have to go all the way to the top of 410 and back down when they want to leave.

  7. I am so happy you stopped by my blog and I found yours! Love what I have read so far, and I am also the queen of procrastination. I feel ya on the laundry. Also, love love love Grey's. Just watched an episode from the second season and might have to do a marathon of my own.


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