Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simply Irresistible?

Oh my goodness! After a particularly chaotic day at work, I arrived home in desperate need of a glass of wine and something delicious, and lo and behold, I find THIS gem for my blog, from The Tame One over at Thoughts of an Oxymoron! She thinks I'm sweet, honest, and real...which in my world, generally means I tend to put my foot in my mouth an awful lot. But, I'm especially honored because Tame is one of my favorite bloggers, as well as one of the most amazing chicks I know.The fact that she would drop this irresistibly tempting award on to me means more than I can say.

In order to accept the award, I need to confess five guilty pleasures of mine (what? I have to narrow the field to five? FIVE? Jeez...) Then, I select 3 Irresistibly Sweet bloggers to pass this delicious looking award on to (what? I have to narrow the field to three? THREE?). But....but I love so many of them...

 Guilty Pleasure #1 Chai Tea. Oh, my heck, nothing makes me melt into a puddle of happiness like a delicious cup of chai (soy milk, please, and sub agave nectar for the honey, thanks!). All of those delicious spices swirl around inside me like nectar of the gods and can both kick start my day and relieve all the nasty stresses of the morning.

Guilty Pleasure #2 E.R. No, not the actual emergency room; I've spent more than my fair share of time in those, and I hate them. I'm talking about the delicious goodness that is E.R., with the original cast including the ever-so-sexy George Clooney. I used to ADORE this show, and got re-hooked on it when I was in college. In the Off Campus Student Lounge, we'd watch the reruns on TV every morning as a group. I guess it's a nostalgia thing, but this show still makes my world stop. I can re-watch the dvds repeatedly, and there's still no better way to start my day.

Guilty Pleasure #3 Online Role-Playing games. I belong to several, and even admin a few of my own. There's nothing like slipping into someone else's life for a few hours, and even getting to flex my writing muscles a little. I play mainly in PbP games (play-by-post), which for the non-rpers out there, is sort of like a round table story writing group. We each take turns, one at a time, contributing a few hundred words from our character's perspective.

Guilty Pleasure #4 Writing/Journaling/Blogging. Surprise, surprise, right? You will never, ever find me without a box of colored pens and at least one journal. I write non-stop. Fiction, non-fiction, random name it. Words swirl in my head and they have to flood down to the page. I've been keeping a journal since I was about 7, though I don't have the early ones any longer. My first journal was a Ramona Quimby journal that somehow got thrown out when I moved to college. :-(

Guilty Pleasure #5 My canine, Vegas. I know, I know, gratuitous puppy post. But seriously, no matter what I'm doing, how busy I am, or how horrible my day is, cuddling with my 130lb pup ALWAYS seems like a good idea. He makes me grin like a kid with his wonderful dopey grin, and any adventure I take is always much more fun when he's trotting alongside me. In fact, I'll be honest...I much prefer his company to many humans that I know...

And now, the three amazingly irresistible bloggers I pass this award onto: (fanfare, please!)

Irresistible Blogger #1 Lele at We Three Kings! She really is one of the sweetest women you could ever meet. Her blog is an invitation into her life and her world; honest, hope-filled, heartbreaking at times, but inspirational and always a point of sunshine in my day.

Irresistible Blogger #2 Kyrstin at I Thought About That Once... Kyrstin is one of the talented writers that I've only met online, but I know if we ever met in person, we'd be the best of friends. She's smart, wickedly funny, and her blog always makes me go, "oh my gosh, me tooo!"

Irresistible Blogger #3 Kitten at Inside a Chaotic Mind. Kitten is the other half of my brain.We live halfway across the country from one another, but we're still two halves of the same heart. Her writing is unabashedly honest; she speaks the truth as she sees it, and it's refreshing.

Thanks so much for the award, Tame! I'm truly honored. And, thank you to all of the readers who stop by and visit my crazy, mixed-up world once in awhile. I'm amazed and inspired by all of your comments and love!


  1. You like me! You really like me! After the day I had, this was a wonderful, up-lifting post to read. It may take me a few days to get my post up, but I really appreciate the award and look forward to writing about my own guilty pleasures. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I was so busy hoping to passing the love around I forgot to thank you on here. You'll find though that even if you aren't included in my guilty pleasures by name, you're part of #1, 2, and a bit of #3. <3


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