Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, that's ONE solution to the health care crisis...

Tired of hanging on to those love handles?
 Diet and exercise not doing the trick?
Your insurance doesn't cover weight loss surgery?
Well, worry no more, because I have a solution for YOU!

That's right, folks, from the site that brought you 'Jesus on a Quesadilla', and 'How to be a Pedophile' comes a new and altogether disturbing product, the Do It Yourself Gastric Bypass Kit! Now, for the low, low price of just $263.96, you, too, can have the body of your dreams!

Forget putting yourself into debt for years to come! Who needs those nasty doctors taking their cuts (pun intended) and paying off their BMWs? Cut out the middle man (again, pun intended), call your best friend, (you trust her with your life anyway), down a bottle of your favorite liquor and take care of your expensive operation in the privacy of your own home!

Order now, supplies are limited, and operators are standing by!

In case anyone thinks this image is photoshopped, you can view Amazon's cached display of this item here. They've since removed the sale of this item...whether or not it was before the seller got the contact information or payment from interested buyers? Who knows. I mean, hey. Women have botox and plastic surgery parties, is it really going too far to suggest that gastric bypass is far behind?

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