Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop: Between Once Upon A Time And The End

Mama's Losin' It 
Write a poem about a photo you took last week. Share both! 

Paper trails grow endlessly with more important things to do. 
Missions I've been handed, footsteps I must pursue. 

But for now;
There are dragons that need slaying,
wizards that need saving
There are mountains that need moving,
and shattered hearts that need gluing.
There are Fellowships that need traveling,
and plots that need unraveling. 
There are names that need giving,
a thousand adventures that need living,

The world around me, I promise, will keep,
I can get through 30 chapters before I need sleep. 
So if you're wondering where I've been,
I'm between 'Once Upon A Time' and 'The End'.


  1. Cute!! Now I'm really dying to know what book you are reading.

  2. Oh, and sorry... meant to add I'm stopping by from mama Kat's.

  3. Very nice!!! :) (also visiting from over at Mama Kats!)

  4. Loved it. I will definitely stop by again. :) (MamaKs) x


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