Saturday, June 11, 2011

My world for a rainbow..

I'd like to take a quick moment to tell you about an awesome charity that I support. You'll notice their icon is also now featured in my "I Stand" sidebar. Child's Play is a gamer-run charity network connected to more than 60 hospitals worldwide. The hospitals each put together a wish-list of games, toys, and movies, which donors can purchase online and send directly to the hospitals for kids in need. Imagine being a child, stuck in a hospital room, terrified and hurting. Wouldn't a gift from a fellow gamer brighten YOUR day? Too often, gamers and roleplayers get a bad rap for being stuck in a "fantasy world", but here's something wonderful and meaningful that the gaming community is coming together to support. Click either icon to visit their site and learn more! 

And now, a RAINBOW of short news briefs:

Summer's here, and I have to tell you, it doesn't feel like it. I'm already in a summer state of mind; the pool's up, the lawn mowed, patio cleaned, grill fueled, and all suncare products are sitting on the table. Mother Nature, however, has yet to show up to the party, and I'm hearing reports from friends that they're going skiing. SKIING. Mother Effing Skiing. In June. In Washington State. 

It seems that this year is going to be the year of the 5K; I'm already committed to 2; one in July and one in October, and I was just told about another in September. Which means I should probably be out of this chair and on the treadmill right now, but then I wouldn't be blogging for you fine folks, would I?

 We have a houseguest for the summer, a little pug named Tink. She belongs to a dear friend who is going away for the summer. I've never had a small dog in my LIFE, unless you count Vegas before he grew up. I've always been wary of small dogs; I always feel like I'm going to break them. But I'm starting to understand the appeal. I mean, just LOOK at her. 
You're blogging about ME, aren't you?

I am no longer vegan. There, I said it publicly. The reason is simple; after my mom got sick(er), I've took over the cooking for my parents. My mom has specific dietary needs, and my dad...well, he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Vegan and vegetarian cooking is a no-go, and I don't have the extra time to make 6 meals a day. So, I've had to make some changes. I'll go back to it when I can, because I've noticed a difference before and after, but for now, it's made me VERY conscious of what I'm putting in my body. You're all disappointed in me, aren't you? 

There's a personal trainer that works with the fitness studio that I attend. He talks a lot about pushing your body, but also listening to your body.  Our bodies tell us what we need, and when we've gone too far...and when we haven't gone far enough. We just need to get in tune with listening for the cues. That's something that I've really been working on recently, especially when it comes to nutrition. I've come out of veganism with a whole new set of cravings; different than I used to. I crave wholesome milk. Oh, my gosh, we have gone through so much milk and buttermilk. And veggies. Veggies and V8 are in high demand around here, and NO, I don't take it with vodka and tabasco..usually... And protein, soy and otherwise. I'm learning to treat my cravings as requests- what am I deficient in, what is my body actually saying to me? I'm also learning to listen to how my body responds to things it DOESN'T need - what foods/drinks actually drain my energy and leave me feeling BLAH. This is a work in progress, for sure, but it's like learning a whole new language, it takes time.

 Ooh! Ooh! The sun's out! Got to go play! *muah*


  1. Love the idea of that charity, I will have to look into it more and see what we can donate.
    I am also a former vegetarian. I was great at it until life got too busy. Some day I will go back.

  2. Awesome, Jessica! Thanks for taking a look, it's a great cause.

  3. I love pugs! They are the cutest! And I'm definitely not dissappointed in you for going non-vegan. I've wanted to try in the past but I've accepted that it's just not for me. It sounds like your being very wise about your decisions. Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment. Enjoy the rest of your hopefully sunny filled weekend!

  4. Not at all disappointed in you for taking a break from your Vegan life. It's not like you quit because you couldn't handle it and were weak with it... you are merely taking a break because you have bigger fish to fry (pun intended).


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