Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pants on Fire...

Have you seen this photo? Angelina Jolie has reportedly been paid 10 million USD to promote Louis Vuitton. Which, good for her. If she's going to donate $500,000 to tornado relief, as well as countless other causes, girl needs to make a dollar. No problem there.  

But the Louis Vuitton folks are expecting us to believe that Ms. Jolie is wearing clothes from her home closet, is posing with her own LV bag, and has opted to appear with no makeup on. 

I'm sorry....what? 

Okay, look. I buy the LV bag thing. According to several other sources online, she was photographed with this bag a few years ago, and it's since gone out of production. But come on...her own clothes? Maybe. It's a stretch, but maybe, just maybe, she has that perfectly clean, fitted, sexy but not inappropriately so attire in her closet. I think it's far more likely that she picked it up from her stylist before the shoot, but hey. Who am I to judge. 

But come on. 

No makeup? 


This isn't even a very large photo, and I CAN SEE THE EYESHADOW FROM HERE!  

Maybe it's true, maybe she wasn't wearing any makeup on the set. Maybe they airbrushed it in afterwards by contracting with some talented graphic artist. So TECHNICALLY, she appeared without makeup. 

But isn't it highly irresponsible, and doesn't it perpetuate the already impossible American fashion beauty standard but putting up highly edited photos, and then proclaiming that it's all natural? Come on, LV. We may be a ridiculously fickle consumer base...

but we're not idiots.


  1. I agree. There is eye shadow and eye liner. Unless we now live in a society where like in "The Hunger Games" people can have surgery to constantly look like they are always wearing make-up. But yes, I agree with you. We are not idiots.

  2. +10 points for The Hunger Games reference! Love you, K.


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