Sunday, July 31, 2011


So, this week, my internet went out. Now, I HATE whenever our net or phone has issues. Why? Because our service provider is absolute crap, and every time I talk to them, I wind up wanting to pull my hair out. We have NEVER had a positive customer service experience with them.

We're not the only ones. Read the Yelp reviews.

Actual, word for word conversation with the IT rep.

(Preface, I'm pretty tech savvy. I've networked the whole house, so I know what I'm doing (generally). Prior to calling in, I've reset the modem, the router, changed the cables and lines to make sure that wasn't the issue, and switched the modem to an older one we had left from a move. I know at this point, it's not us, it's them, and I tell the tech what I've tested.)

Tech: So, the "Internet" light on the modem. Is it on?
Me: No. The only lights on are "Power", "DSL", and "Ethernet". The others are off.
Tech: There's a green light underneath where it says "Internet". Can you tell me if it's lit?
Me: (WTF?) It's not on. It's off. The only lights on are "Power", "DSL", and "Ethernet".
Tech: So it's not on at all?
Me: (Seriously?) No.
Tech: Hmm, okay. You must have a problem with your Internet.
Me: (Why the hell do you think I'm calling you?)
Tech: Okay, pull up an Internet Explorer and go to (company's website).
Me: I'm getting the "Internet Explorer cannot display webpage" error.
Tech: Are you sure you typed it in correctly? (COMPANY'S WEBSITE)
Me: Yes, I'm quite sure. It says it can't display the webpage, probably because I'm not connected to the internet.
Tech: Can you read it back to me?
Me: (Company's website, very slowly, letter for letter.)
Tech: Can you refresh the page and try again?
Me: Same message. "Internet Explorer cannot display webpage"
Tech: Hm. I guess your internet really is out. Okay, well, let's see if we can fix that for you.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

It would not have surprised me in the slightest if Ashton Kutcher had come knocking on my door at that point.

Turns out, the modem had flatlined. The tech wanted me to buy a brand new one. Um, no, THEIR modem dies, THEIR responsibility.

A couple years ago, the same thing happened, and I DID wind up buying a new modem. The old one, I wasn't entirely convinced was dead, so I kept it in storage. It was that old modem that I'd switched out with the new one to test whether or it was a modem or router issue.

Guess what? When the tech heard that I wasn't going to be buying a new modem (again!) and I started to get a little snippy, suddenly he offered to "reprogram" my old router. You know. The one that I had to pay to replace a couple years ago, because it was dead.

Turns out, "reprogramming" the modem was as simple as opening the modem in Window's Explorer and typing in a new username and password. So, a couple years ago, I got scammed hardcore and tricked into buying a new modem when the old one was just fine, thank you. I would have been scammed again if I'd caved to the tech's suggestion and purchased a brand new modem again.

Before you ask, yes, we're out of our contract and leaving this company. We already have a new program lined up. And damnit, I'm keeping the "newer" modem that they now say is dead and needed to be replaced. Because who knows, in two years, a friend may need it, and all it needs is to be "reprogrammed" to work just fine.

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  1. I got through a very similar conversation each time my web goes at. By this point I know what they will ask I'm just like "yes, I already tried this, this, and this. It's out. Fix it. Now. Or let me talk to whoever is in charge of you." I just become so irate. It's silly how stupid they treat everyone.


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