Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Six Weeks

Wow, okay, yeah, I missed two weeks.


Sorry, y'all.

Okay, here's the quick rundown of what's been happening:

1) I am super, super blessed that one of my oldest friends works at a brain research center. She spoke to her doctors there about what's been going on with me, and they agreed to look at my case. Just for consultation purposes, as a favor to her. ANYWAY, I was able to talk to Dr. J, a very nice doctor who is highly respected in neurology. First, he was SHOCKED at the level of tests that my neurologist, Dr. R, hadn't run. He asked me why she hadn't done XYZ, and I'm going, "Um, I don't know...I didn't know she was supposed to!"

The second thing he told me actually made me equal parts pissed off and hopeful. Going back 6 weeks, when I was first admitted to the ER, (when they misdiagnosed me with a migraine), the doctor there commented offhandedly that I had a bit of a sinus infection on the CAT scan. Nothing further was said, nothing was prescribed for it, and I was sent home. W I was admitted to the hospital 3 days later, no one said ANYTHING about the sinus infection. I wasn't really feeling sick, just a bit sniffly, and with everything else going on, it seemed rather silly to bring it up.

Hey, did you guys know that a sinus infection can actually get so bad that your brain is effected? Me neither. But it makes sense. All of the swelling can start to press on nerves, including optic nerves, which can cause double and blurry vision, dizziness and head pain. Sound familiar? Yep; there is a good chance that this sinus infection, which the docs and hospital had left untreated for a month and a half, could have 1) started the ADEM in the process (remember how it can be the result of a bacterial infection?) and 2) been keeping me from progressing in healing.

I got a crazy-strong round of antibiotics, ($200 for 7 pills, boy am I glad I have insurance!) and just finished them today. Funny thing, I didn't realize how much sinus pressure I had in my head until it was gone. I still have double vision and I'm still dizzy (I took a splendid fall yesterday and barely missed destroying my laptop), so it wasn't a total cure or anything, but I've noticed an improvement. Maybe I'll continue to feel better over the next few days?

2) Oh my gosh, you guuuuuys! Today was my first full day off of my walker!! I even went to physical therapy this morning without it. I'm wobbly, and I'm definitely not moving quickly (no marathons for me, haha!), but I'm completely unassisted for the first time in a month and a half. You have NO idea how good it feels! And yes, I know, I'm probably going to have a bad day tomorrow, and pay for all of this progress with an excruciating headache tomorrow, but for right now, I'm just enjoying feeling somewhat human, you know?

3) Speaking of therapy, basically what I'm doing is re-teaching my body how to walk. Yup.It's as fun as it sounds. The equilibrium in my body is off, so I'm having a hard time transferring my weight from one side to another, which is exactly what walking is. So I do a lot of work on parallel bars, taking one step forward and shifting the weight back and forth and trying to compensate for the fact that my body wants to keep falling to the right. And we do a lot of balance exercises. Something as simple as crossing one leg in front of the other can throw me off balance enough that I'd be falling if I didn't have a balance bar to grab me. Therapy is REALLY frustrating, and really challenging. But, I guess it's helping, since I'm able to get around on my own somewhat now.

Alright, so that wasn't exactly short and sweet, but hey, you love me anyway, right?

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