Saturday, August 20, 2005


AUGUST 20, 2005
Papa’s and Grandma’s

We’re in Apple Valley California at Liz’s grandparents house. This place is absolutely amazing, it’s like walking through a museum. But the good kind, because I’m not afraid to touch and look at things, and heaven knows if I ask about something. I’ll get every detail.

Papa is a fountain of knowledge, and I’ve never said that about anyone. He’s just so full of information, and it’s all so interesting. Seriously, he’s been everywhere and has seen a lot. I’ve never really had a grandfather, my dad’s dad died before I met him, and I was really young when my other one died. Liz’s grandmother is amazing too. She’s very into food and cookbooks and she let me look at her collection. She’s got a cookbook from 1915! No joke, she let me flip (carefully) through it. There’s another from the 40’s, and 2 whole collections of cookbooks from all over the world. She gave me some recipe cards, and I copied some things down, but so many recipes are so detailed that I couldn’t possibly.

We’re having a good time here, it’s nice to just be still and not have to do anything. I think all the tiredness is catching up to me though I’m exhausted. But it’s on to Vegas on Monday for 2 nights, and then on up to Washington. We’re staying at the Circus Circus hotel right on the strip. It’s actually only $50.00 a night, which isn’t bad at all, got to love

I’m watching Liz and her grandparents play Solitare. Yes, it’s a team game evidently. They’re playing some variation that I can’t understand, so I’m talking to Spencer on text AIM, and writing in my journal.


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