Friday, August 19, 2005

Grand Canyon

AUGUST 19, 2005
Grand Canyon
It’s 7am at the Grand Canyon, and it is freezing cold. I’m wearing a sweatshirt, wrapped in a sleeping bag and covered in 2 blankets. (Liz gave hers up, she’s not as cold.)

The Grand Canyon is gorgeous, and the climate here isn’t exactly what I’d expected. I guess I’d always thought of the Grand Canyon as desert, but it’s actually in the forest. You can smell the pine trees, which is nice since it’s been so long. There’s pollution in the canyon though.

Everywhere you look, there’s a bluish haze. You can’t see very far today, but I guess on some days you can see the mountains in the distance. Liz and I got these fantastic windbreakers at the store. They are green and blue and say Grand Canyon on them. Mine is too big, it’s a medium and I really wanted a small, but they were out, so I’m swimming in mine.

But it’s comfortable, and I can still fit it over a sweatshirt so it’s great.

JOK there’s a frog outside the tent and he’s really loud. I want to open the window to look, but that’d probably scare him off.We’re headed to Liz’s grandparents in California tonight. 400 mile drive. Probably about 7 hours. So much fun.


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