Thursday, March 30, 2006


Morning meditation.

Just be in the moment. Be one, be here, focus on your breath…

But the dogs are outside. What if Savannah climbs the fence again and gets out? Vegas got out yesterday , he went running up the street and down in the ravine and didn't come back on his own. Savannah could get out too, and get hit by a car. Wait, Savannah's never jumped out of the yard before, just the kennel. She's fine, they're fine…

Just breathe. Be here in the moment.

Man, this music is fucked up, there's flute in it. I used to play flute. I hated the smell of the church we used to practice in. All musty and dusty. It smelled old. Correction, like old people. Old ladies with really cheap perfume. Where is my flute? Oh, that's right. It's in the garage. I really should play it now and then. I liked to play. Maybe I shouldn't have quit. Twice.

Let it go. Just be here in the moment.

Oh yeah, right. I'm supposed to be meditating. Let go, let my mind relax, focus on stillness. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Relax. Quiet concentration….oh look I'm doing it! Damn. Lost it.
Just here in the moment.

I have to pick up Liz today. I know she said wait until the afternoon but what if she needs me to get her earlier. She knows I have her house keys, right? And we have to remember to get my cd out of Randie's cd player. I love that cd. I took Scruffy's dog carrier out of my car, right? Oh, yeah, it's on Randie's couch. I hope Scruffy didn't chew it up. And my mug is on Randie's counter, have to remember that too. And the shampoo, it's new, can't lose it. Man, I really like that shampoo…oh, shoot.

Breath. Focus on the breath.

What was that noise? Is someone trying to break in the house? Is that someone on the staircase? I'm going to feel like an idiot if someone murders me while in the Full Lotus Position. How would that look on the nightly news? Years from now kids will be telling my tale around a campfire and parents will use me as a cautionary tale against the dangers of meditation…damn,

Be here in the moment. Breathe in, breathe out.

Damn, is that my cell phone ringing?

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