Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Fair's The Thing

Around here, there's one question that gets asked ad nauseum every September.

"Are you going to The Fair?"

or it's bastard cousin

"Have you been to The Fair yet?"

(Brief disclaimer; The Fair is capitalized. It is it's own entity. And I can say bastard. I am one. It's my non-politically-correct insult to throw around. Anyway, back to the point.)

The Fair to which they all refer is the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup. And everyone goes. It's the thing to do. If you don't go, you'll be hounded by everyone around. Yes, we're in the middle of nowhere and it's not like we have much going on.

I grew up around The Fair. Went every year. They used to give us days off from school to go, and free wrist bracelets to ride the rides. My senior year of high school I was Miss Suzie High School and spent about a week straight at the fair for school sponsored events; FFA, Agriculture, Choir, Acting, you name it. I was there.

Then I moved away and the fair wasn't a part of my life. I didn't think I'd miss it, I was burned out. Funny thing though. Every time September would roll around, I'd start craving scones like nobody's business. Because it's all about the food, you know. Scones, Walla Walla Onion Burgers, (or Earthquake burgers, if you're like my boyfriend), Elephant Ears, Honey from the Honey stand, Fry Bricks (greasier than McD and BK combined) and Onion Blossoms...hmmm...I'm hungry now.

So, yes, I went to the fair last weekend. Getting to go was an ordeal; first my roommate said she wanted to go, but we didn't make plans. Then the boyfriend said he didn't do the fair, so I figured I wasn't going to fo. Then roomie decided to make plans, but I already had plans with boyfriend, so she felt like I was blowing her off. Then we made plans to go, but she had to work. Then boyfriend decided to go (I'm kinda convincing, I think), and roommate decided to go before she went to work.

It was crowded.

We ate lots.

We ate some more.

We walked.

We hunted Elephant (ears).

We listened to Hilary Duff echoing over the fairground from the stadium.

And on the way out, we stopped by a food stand and ate some more.

Ah, The Fair.

You just have to do it.


Because what else is there to do in this town?

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