Saturday, January 22, 2011

100th Post!

Well, hey, would you look at that? I've reached 100 posts! ::blows a fanfare and tosses a handful of confetti in the air:: Thanks for being coming along for the ride with me! 

In honor of this momentous occasion, I've decided to post 100 random tidbits about me. I made a list like this about 2 years ago for a different project, and it was great fun. It's time to dust off the list and create a new one, and maybe some of my friends will be inspired to do one as well?

100 Things About Me
(You probably didn't want to know, but I'm going to tell you anyway)
1. My name is Scarlett.
2. No, that’s not my real-life name, it’s my internet name.  
3. I like to keep the two worlds separate.
4. I have yet to meet someone who can pronounce my real name correctly the first time.
5. I decided when I was 6 years old that I would have to marry a man with a pronounceable last name, too.
6. I was almost named Jennifer, but my dad said that “Jenny” is what they call a female donkey, so he wouldn’t have it.
7. The second choice for my name was Crystal, but I was told once that it was too new-    agey for my family.
8. My parents couldn’t agree on a name for me. My Godmother named me as a last option.
9. The inability to agree on a child’s name is a good indicator of my parent’s relationship.
10. I adore the names Julianna, Isabel, Alexander  and Ethan for my future children.
11. When I was little, I wanted to be a marine biologist.
12. When I got older, I wanted to be an actress.
13. I started acting when I was 13.
14. I was in a movie, “Ten Things I Hate About You.”
15. No, I will not tell you which scene, or what I’m wearing.
16. Heath Ledger was really cute in person. And smoked like a chimney between takes.
17. Julia Stiles is insanely intelligent and very friendly.
18. I used to be a competition synchronized swimmer when I was in elementary and middle school.
19. My swim coach said I was too fat to compete in my category (10 years old)  so I lost weight.
20. You can see the spaces between my wrist and arm bones in pictures after that.
21. I can’t remember why I quit swimming.
22. One of the girls I swam with went on to compete in the Olympics.
23. My first pets were two goldfish named Ralph and Susie.
24. I was 4. They were the best names I could come up with.
25. I now have a dogs, Vegas, and 2 cats, Saju and Ziva.
26. I feel sorry for elementary school teachers who can’t pronounce their own roll sheets.
27. I wanted to be a teacher when I was young
28. I used to teach my My Little Ponies.
29. My parents used to give me a My Little Pony for every holiday and birthday.
30. I could read before I started kindergarten.
31. I was a bookworm and I’m proud of that.
32. My favorite book is The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
33. I try to read it once a year.
34. I made a bargain with my roommate; she would read LOTR and I would read all of the Harry Potter books.
35. She beat me.
36. But in fairness, all of the HP books hadn’t come out yet.
37. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one day.
38. I can play the flute.
39. I used to spend my summers in Tacoma Youth Symphony’s summer camps.
40. I used to play in the Northwest Flute Collegiums.
41. I had to quit the NFC because it conflicted with my acting schedule.
42. I was allowed to rejoin the NFC on the condition that I would make a commitment to the Collegium.
43. I had to drop out again 3 weeks later because it conflicted with my Hobbit dress rehearsals.
44. I played Thorin Oakenshield.
45. My two best friends were Gandalf (Nathan!) and Bilbo (Ilia!).
46. I have a permanent scar over my right eye from a sword fight that went wrong in that show.
47. I have performed as a singing wench in the Tacoma Master Chorale’s Annual Madrigal Feast.
48. I had to wear a laced up bodice, a poofy blouse and long skirt.
49. I can still sing the Wassail Serving Song.
50. I will sing it for you if you give me enough Wassail.
51. I was too young to serve Wassail at the Feast, but I had to sing anyway.
52. I make Wassail every holiday season.
53. I celebrate every winter holiday. Because I can.
54. I have driven across the country twice.
55. I have visited 26 states.
56. I have a goal to visit all 50 states by the time I am 30.
57. I have stood on the banks of the Suwannee River.
58. I drank bourbon on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
59. I almost ran out of gas in the Mojave Desert.
60. A nice family was having a picnic under an overpass and mouth-siphoned a gallon of gas out of their tank for me.
61. I have run barefoot through White Sands.
62. I ate a picnic lunch with a sleeping rattlesnake under the table.
63. I have searched for the Goonies house in Astoria, OR.
64. I have survived 3 hurricanes, Charley, Francis, and Jeanne.
65. I was still at work when Charley made landfall because they wouldn’t let us go home.
66. I broke a toe on the edge of my sofa during Charley.
67. We had no ice, there was no power. It hurt like hell.
68. I have broken nearly all of my toes at one point or another.
69. A boy broke my foot during my Senior Homecoming. He stepped on my foot while slow dancing.
70. My first kiss was at summer camp. His name was John.
71. My first “real” kiss was at the Supermall. His name was Brian.
72. My first dance was at a Mormon Temple with Johnny.
73. We danced to “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal.
74. My first serious relationship started my sophomore year in high school. His name was Mike.
75. He’s the only relationship I’ve ever thought would end in marriage.
76. I am not married and never have been.
77. I am addicted to the internet.
78. I work online for my job and cannot resist going online when I get home.
79. I hate internet speak. “ph33r mi sk1llz, PWNED! GR8 G2G w00t!
80. I automatically delete comments and emails written in L33T speak, or those that do not use capitalization or punctuation.
81. I also hate inboxer rebellions, emailed urban legends, and chain letters. I will take my chances on being murdered in my sleep for not passing on your letter. And no, Tom will not take away your myspace account for refusing to pass on his email.
82. I love coffee.  I love caffeine in general.
83. I am addicted to spiced chai with soy milk.
84. I collect complete coffee-punchcards in my wallet for a “rainy day”.
85.  I live in Seattle, where every day is a rainy day.
86. I do not respond to whistles or finger snaps, even used only to get my attention.
87. I am a rape survivor and active supporter of RAINN. (
88. I also support the MS Foundation because my mother has Multiple Sclerosis.
89. I have a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Women’s Studies.
90. I want to go into Criminal Justice, specifically Investigations and Criminology.
91. It does not offend me to be called a bitch. I usually say thank you.
92. I have blue eyes. They really are this blue.
93. I am addicted to courtroom tv shows like The People’s Court.
94. I am literally the coldest person you know. I wear sweatshirts in the sun and sleep in a sub-zero sleeping bag while camping in the Northwest.
95. I grew up a Tomboy. I’m still not a girly-girl.
96. I have had the same roommate since 1999.
97. I am ridiculously insecure and stress constantly about what you think about me.
98. I will not let you see me cry, however.
99. I have only been in love twice.
100. I have never had a Valentine since we stopped passing them out to everyone in Elementary School.


  1. I adored that list and I'm going to need your address.

  2. I like this list too! So many things I didn't know about you, but also emphasis on things you mentioned briefly and never explained. :)

  3. well, shoot (#80)-- i never use capital letters. does that mean i get deleted? :-(
    have i told you i'm visiting seattle in february??

  4. I will pull my copy out of "10 Things I Hate About You" soon and scour the extras. :)

    And I'd really like your wassail recipe. I almost made some this year but didn't get any "spirits" in time.

    Loved this!

  5. Tame - Oooh, are you going to stalk me in real life? J/K, DM me your email address and I'll send it to you. :-)

    AyJae - Thanks, sweetie! Miss you much.

    Erin - Nah, you get a pass, because you have interesting, valid, good things to say. You have an e.e. cummings sort of thing happening. No deletes for you.

    LeLe - I'll be happy to send it to you!


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