Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Teatime

Teatime in my kitchen
I've always said that I've had a hard time with blog themes. Every time I try to put together a decent Music Monday or Wordless Wednesday, it's as if I've given my muses license to laugh and mock me at will. When I have to write something, I have a hard time doing it, especially when it comes to blogs. Call it my natural aversion to the rules. However... 

I've decided to have a once-a-week theme on my blog: Teatime Tuesday. If you've spent any time around me, you know that I am a tea fanatic. I adore tea. I especially adore exotic blends of hard-to-find loose leaf teas. There's a local tea shop which has huge silver canisters of amazing leaves from all around the world. You buy them in ounces (just like a drug), and they have procured more of my paycheck then I would like to admit. 

On Teatime Tuesday, I'll be sharing the tea-of-the-day, and sharing a tea photo of my teatime for that day. (See the above photo? With my pretty new blue amazing teapot with a built in infuser?) I'll also be throwing out a topic question for readers to chime in on and spark some discussion. Then, on Wednesday, I'll follow up with my own thoughts on the Teatime Topic. 

Granted, today's almost to the end of Tuesday, I know, I'm getting a late jump on it. Sorry about that. But I'm in before midnight, therefore, it's still Teatime Tuesday!

Tea of the Day: Bourbon Street - A rooibus blend with sweet caramel and vanilla undertones.

Teatime Topic: How late is too late to start your life over? How old is too old to change career paths and start again?Is there a point where you simply accept the choices you've made? Have you ever hit the reset button on your own life? Have you ever been tempted to and chose not to? Why?


  1. that tea sounds awesome! i, too, am a tea fanatic. yum yum! i got some awesome jasmine pearls when i was in china, and i ration them out so carefully. i'm hoping to get a new teapot as a gift in the near future... but i also hoped to get it for christmas, and for my birthday... seems husband doesn't take hints very well.

    anyways, on to your topic! i'd love to say there's no real age that is too late, because there's those grandparents that go to college, but maybe there is (for me at least). i don't know that age yet, but because i'm so settled and comfortable, i have to say, well, now? of course, if i hated it, i would probably not hesitate to go a different direction. as long as husband came, too.

  2. I wish I could see your lovely pictures from my work computer. Stupid computer.

    As for your topic, I'm not sure. My husband has been in school on and off for the last 15 years (maybe longer...) and still doesn't have his BA. He has tried and tried and tried to finish and in the meantime has done whatever job he could do to get the bills paid. He's had many career dreams throughout the years...psychologist, professor, Christian counselor, technical writer... He recently had to drop out for the semester when he had to have hip surgery (among other reasons) and so he's not sure he needs to go back. He has procured a very good job which will present opportunity in the future to move up within the company. He is considering just staying where he is (and had decided to stay with the company even after he got his BA in psychology...he decided that going to school further is a pipe dream). So, I think he's decided that he screwed around too much in his youth to follow the original dream. But he's almost 37 and now has a wife and baby. I would support him if he wanted to pursue it, but frankly, I'm ready for him to be making a steady paycheck, not just a part-time paycheck.

    So, I guess I don't have an answer, but I think for where he is in his life at this moment, it's too late to start over. But, I guess you could consider this new bank job as starting over...just no more school.

  3. I hope that didn't sound negative. I just read your FB status and want to give a big "HOWEVER...":

    If you have an idea about what you want to be "when you grow up" then I say GO FOR IT! You just can't hem haw around about it like my hubby has. He is just not a good student. He doesn't have the focus. His brain doesn't do well with projects or long-term deadlines where he has to pace himself (ADD). He needs work that can be done immediately, which is why banking is perfect for him. I say, if you have a song in your heart and need a change and have a game plan, by all means DO IT!

    My two cents... <3

  4. As long as a change brings you joy, and mental relaxation, I really don't see the harm in it... and if it relieves a burden as big as your financial security for the rest of your life... it's not too late.


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