Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Days

They say that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. Supposedly, that's the length of time that your brain needs to turn a conscious decision into an unconscious one. Well, I'm going to be putting this to the test for the next 30 days.

It all started with some friends of mine from Twitter and the RP world. Some of you know that I post on a Twitter to get Fitter blog, which is all about a group of women joining together to support one another in our fitness journeys. Well, someone in the blog noticed that a group of us also have Wii Active, and suggested that we, as a group, take the 30 Day Challenge in Wii Active. We set up a website to support eachother called Wii Get Fit in 30. (Catchy use of the pun, no?) Would you like to join us? Sign up! Don't have a Wii or Wii Active? No problem! Just commit to doing 20 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days. Take the dog on a long walk. Do some pushups. Turn up the radio and dance like a crazy-chick. It doesn't matter WHAT you're doing, just do SOMETHING!

I can do anything for 30 days. For the next 30 days, these are the things I will do EVERY day.

1. Wii Active 30 Day Challenge -OR- Zumba. Every Day. No exceptions.
2. Blog - at least one entry, no matter how long or how short. I have to post something.
3. Drink 2 Nalgenes of water.
4. Drink one vitamin packet or one nutritious smoothie. (I can't take vitamins in pill form, they mess with my stomach something awful and vitamins in gummy form have gelatin, which isn't vegan.)

Weekly, these are my goals:

1. Attend AT MINIMUM, two Zumba classes every week. More, if possible. (Sometimes my work schedule doesn't align with the studio's schedule).
2. Post my Wednesday blog to Twitter // Fitter (okay, I like the shorter name, honestly. Easier to type...because I'm lazy).
3. Post my Teatime Tuesday blog to this blog. I started it and failed right away...oops.

Are you ready? The challenge starts.....NOW!

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  1. i love this post-- and that you're adding in your own personal goals to our challenge! yay!


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