Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Teatime: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

Yay for spring cleaning on my blog! It was time for some bright colors and clean lines to usher in spring...whenever Mother Nature decides that spring should make an appearance...::taps foot impatiently::

Now then, first things first. Challenges! I'm in the midst of two challenges, the Walk to Rivendell Shieldmaiden Challenge, and the Wii Get Fit in 30 Fitness Challenge. For more info on WTR, check out my earlier entry here.

My Progress in Walk to Rivendell: 
I have walked 19 miles.
I  have passed Green Hill Country.
It is 8 miles to the next landmark.
You have 439 miles to reach Rivendell.

I'm on Day 2 of the Wii Get Fit in 30 Fitness Challenge, and all goals from yesterday were met! I managed to eat healthy all day; had an antioxidant juice smoothie for breakfast, a protein PB&J smoothie for lunch, and a healthy bean burrito dinner. Add in 64oz of water, multiple vitamin boosts, and an hour of Zumba, I had a fantastic start to this adventure! 

Now, onto Tuesday Teatime. 
Image from TeaVana, because my camera is on the fritz.

Tea of the Day: Cream Earl Grey - classic earl grey tea with a touch of vanilla flowers. 

Every time I order this tea, I can't help but feel all Jean Luc Picard. Actually, I probably tried earl grey the first time BECAUSE I heard him order it, but I fell in love immediately after. Nonetheless, my love of earl grey is tied directly into my love for Star Trek: TNG. 
Stop calling me a geek, and let me explain. 

When I was younger (and I mean YOUNG, the show started airing in 1984, I probably got into it around 1988), I wasn't allowed to watch much TV. The shows that I was allowed to watch were few and far between, and it was really a treat for me. Since I couldn't watch a show every night, I'd sit in front of the TV with my little Fisher Price Tape Recorder and record the audio from every show so that I could revisit them in my imagination later. (Which is probably why I love old time radio mysteries, too, come to think of it!). 

One of the shows I was allowed to watch was ST:TNG. I'd climb the stairs to my parent's bedroom, were they had a tiny 12 inch TV. I'd have to go about 15 minutes before the show started so that I had plenty of time to adjust the rabbit ears, and carefully wrap aluminum foil in the appropriate spot to tune the channel. Then, I'd sit there, entranced by the show, completely lost in the universe. 

I was waaay too young at the time to drink tea. Never once did I sip tea as I watched the show. Nonetheless, every time I sip earl grey, I'm back in my childhood, sitting on my parent's bed, legs dangling over the side, watching my favorite stories in the dark. It's a comfort thing for me, and it probably always will be.

Tuesday Teatime Topic: What food or drink takes YOU back? What taste or aroma sends you into happy memories, and where does it send you?


  1. The smell of Folgers takes me back to my childhood an everytime my parents would make me make their coffee for them...

    The taste of pear Jelly Belly's reminds me of my grandma.. the same with tootsie pops. I miss my grandma. She's still alive, but lives in Northern Washington where I grew up. Sigh

  2. Love Earl Grey, its one of my favorites. I am trying my hardest to think of a (food related) smell or taste that takes me back and, I can't think of a single one! Not because I don't have good memories associated with food but because they have all transformed over the years and I've added my own twist to them.

    As a tea-lover myself I love the idea of Tea Time Tuesday!


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