Monday, June 13, 2011

In Which my Father is Profound

If you aren't reading, why not?

I had this utterly profound moment with my dad the other day. (I know, I'm shocked, too. Do you need a minute to recover? Go on, I'll wait.....better now? Good. Let's continue.)

I was cooking dinner, and we were chatting nonchalantly about my writing for, and he'd commented that he didn't understand how I could write like I do, writing has never been his thing. (That's not the profound part, calm yourselves.)

I casually replied that I'd always loved writing, it just comes easily to me. I'm the girl that could pull off a 12 page term paper in a few hours, and STILL get an A. And I told him that it was my life's ambition to be one of those women in the coffee shop who just sit in the corner and write all day, working on a novel.

His response?
"Why don't you?"

You could have heard the record skip in my head. I turned to look at him, thinking he must be joking. Nope. Dead serious. He wasn't even being snarky. He continued:

"I'm serious. I've always thought you were a brilliant writer (Yes, my dad said BRILLIANT!). I've always thought you should do something with it."

I blinked a few times, grateful that the sauteing mushrooms on the stove needed my attention as I absorbed the compliment. My dad. Likes my writing. And told me about it. My dad rarely likes ANYTHING about my life; we argue about how I live my life more often that I'd care to admit. But...he likes my writing? Which means he actually READS what I write? I...I'm utterly in shock and honored that he's been paying attention when I slide bits and pieces of my work his way. I just figured he glanced at them and pushed them aside.

And I'm...proud. Like, blushingly, heartwarmingly, proud.

All this time, I've been telling myself I didn't need his approval.

Guess I may have been wrong about that, because this feels pretty damn good.

P.S. Comics are unrelated to post. I just wanted to bring a smile to your face.


  1. <3 I love it when parents feed us a seemingly unexpected compliment!

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