Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Teatime: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Oh, my friends, you have no idea how long I have been dying to share this tea with you. It's....words cannot even describe it!

I actually stumbled onto it by accident at the tea shoppe. As I was checking out, I glanced down at the counter and saw the listing of the new and featured teas, most of which I'd sampled and looked at already. Then something caught my eye.

"Hibiscus?" I asked, looking up at the Tea-Crack-Dealer. "I didn't see that on the shelf?"

She shifted her eyes and smirked, conspiratorially. "I've got it back here, behind the counter." She leaned down and pulled out a silver canister, removing the lid and sliding it my way as if she were sliding a bag of priceless diamonds. "Take a look. Smell it. I can brew you a sample, if you like?"

See, my friends? That's how they hook you. They show you the good stuff, offer you a sample, and then you're a prisoner for life.

But just LOOK at this amazing, beautiful tea?

Yes, that is my hand.
But the REAL beauty of this tea comes from steeping it. You get this beautiful, vibrant fuchsia tea that is SURE to brighten even the cloudiest of days. (And around here, we have plenty of those that need brightening!)
My garden is in full bloom, too. Look! They match! D'awww.

Hibiscus has a flavor all its own. If you've never tried it before, buy a small batch and see how you like it. It has a floral, almost citrus-y tang to it. I add a little agave nectar to mine and it's HEAVEN. Try it!

Tea of the Day: Organic Hibiscus

Teatime Topic: Everyone has a Learn-To List, even if it's not written down on paper. Tell me about something that you want to learn. Cook? Run a marathon? Knit? Paint? Speak a new language? And, what's stopping you from learning it?


  1. Mmm, one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in colorado served iced hibiscus tea. Man, I miss that place.

    I can cook, sew, knit(ish) etc. I really just want the time to do more of those things and practice them!

  2. mmm...a good tea is a bit of a rarity. You must speak to me of the crack tea dealer at some point.

  3. Tea crack dealer. Too funny. My son was 'making tea' last night. It was cookie tea. He might have something there.



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